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Syrens of the Symbiocene

Every Third Thursday

🪩 Every Third Thursday 8p-1a WE DANCE! ✨ at Sahara Lounge @saharaloungeatx

👾 $10 at the door or $5 in Costume - Faerie Alien Troll theme

🔥 9pm Creature Conjuring & Shows!
👑 10pm Costume Runway!

🧙🏼‍♀️ Together we’ve lived through the mass extinction period known as the Anthropocene. With no piece of this planet left unscathed by human destruction. Now is the time to move into a new era! A time of human and planet symbiosis.

🔮 Welcome to the portal of the Symbiocene! The Symbiocene calls for nothing less than the complete change of the biophysical and emotional foundations of society from the ecocidal to the symbiotic, from the destructive to the nurturing. While the Anthropocene generates despair and desolation, the Symbiocene gives generously of hope and optimism.

⚡ Featuring performances by:
& check back for more!

🎶 Music by:
@djladyvitamins aka @owlfactory

Salon At the End of the Universe

A Variety Show hosted by beings from the future

The Dangerouslys Wedding

April 14, 2018

Ministry of Muse provided performer curation, celebratory choreography, and intentional, hoslistic ritual creation


March 16 2019

Ministry of Muse produced Satelite Art Fairs' SXSW after party. The event was immersive, with a storyline that brought you to two difference locations.

Cirque Sauvage: New Year's Eve at Justine's

Dec 31, 2022 - Jan 1, 2023

Sci Fi House Party

A birthday house party produced by Ministry of Muse

Enchantments: Wizards' Expose

Feb 23, 2019

Ministry of Muse teamed up with Enchantments Magazine to bring you a performance art showcase as well as magick workshops and a fashion show

Art Sex Magic

Sept 12- Sept 14 2019

Ministry of Muse collaborated with Jade Fusco to bring you Art Sex Magic, a Jazz Opera.

New Year's Eve 2019

Jan 1, 2019

Indra's Awarehouse & Ministry of Muse teamed up to create the best NYE party anyone had ever been to

Valentine's Day

Feb 14 2019

Ministry of Muse brought in performances and helped run the venue for a Valentine's day Dinner party.

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