Meet the Creatrixs


Iffy Roma

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A creative spitfire with a background in: ensemble devised theater, empowerment curriculum and expressive storytelling. Iffy is dedicated to the co-creation of memorable experiences that are educational in their nature and inspiring in their purpose.

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Bre Bitz

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A Performance Artist and an Activist, Bre is passionate about being the bridge between artist and audience and creating space where individuals can share their work.

Agency of Inspiration

Ministry of Muse was born in 2018 from the desire to create events that are inclusive, exploratory and inspire change. We believe collective experiences encourage collective healing and that participation is the key for elevation. We aspire to create experiences that leave the audience feeling changed and awoken; empowered to bring that energy with them into their daily lives.

We respect and recognize the unique scope of service and contribution artistic work have in society, therefore artistic compensation and integrity are core values of Ministry of Muse.